Self defense and Fitness Instruction through Jujutsu, Aikijutsu, Aikido



The skills you need for reliable self-protection


YAMABUSHI JUJUTSU [ Japanese close contact combat] is a Japanese Jujutsu based close contact self defense system designed to neutralize an attacker quickly.  The defender is taught to close the distance with the attacker so as to neutralize the attack whether its an armed or unarmed attack.  Jujutsu [Japanese close contact combat judo] is designed to be used by anyone- male, female, young adult or child and against any type of attacker regardless of height or weight. We utilize traditional techniques of pain compliance, leverage, bone locking and throws to control or disarm an attacker.  The curriculum is made up of basic techniques from Mi Yama Ryu Jujutsu, Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu and Takeda Ryu Aikido, that provide building blocks for more advanced forms of self defense.  The defender is taught to apply the techniques quickly with economy of motion and the appropriate level of control or force.


YAMABUSHI JUJUTSU [Japanese close contact combat] uses

realistic training drills with and without weapons to train the individual in the basics of self defense.  Jujutsu for self defense is not a sport as there are no rules on the street and so, when attacked, the defender must be ready to do whatever is necessary to overcome the threat and survive.  The individual is taught to use his/her mind to harness his/her energy, fear and stress into a positive defensive action.  The goal is to develop self defense expertise as quickly as possible, while still offering the rewards of long term  advanced study and advancement from beginner to Black Belt


TESTING: Effective 2013 there will be no "belt testing" in the usual sense but rather "demonstrations".  Instead, all students will be watched individually by Hanshi and/or Shihan throughout the year as they practice. When he's witnessed them performing techniques at the appropriate level for promotion, a promotion will be awarded.  This will generally be done twice a year. [December and June] On average, it takes 3-4 years of consistent training to be promoted to Black Belt in our system.


We will also be instituting the Kyu/Dan ranking system and preserving the License system for those individuals who show commitment, loyalty and improvement in character and technique of the Yamabushi Jujutsu Ryu.


COST:  You cannot buy technique.  The monthly membership dues provide you with a place to practice and  and receive instruction. It also provides you with a way to show gratitude for the teachings received.  It is the student's responsibility to pay dues on time.

Promotion Fees: To be paid on or before the date of promotion. 


Group Classes:  Great Affordable rates. Come in and visit to discuss our program options.

Private Classes: $40 per half hour 







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 Hanshi Ibarra is recognized as a 10th Dan by the: American  Ju-Jitsu Association; Hawaii Martial Arts International Society; Tanaka-Ha Daito Ryu Aikibujitsu;Nippon Yawara Ryu Aikiju-JitsuRenmei; Masters/Grandmasters Assoc. [Europe]; International Bu-Jutsu Federation [Europe]; International Combat Aiki-Jujutsu Federation.  Ibarra is also recognized by the Kempo International and the International Council of Grandmasters.  He holds the rank of Mokuroku in MiYama Ryu Jujutsu under Shinan Pereira and the rank of Menkyo in San YamaBushi Jujutsu under Shinan Negron. He also holds a Nidan in Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu Kodo Kai and a Sandan in Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu Bokuyokan under Soshi Shihan Yonezawa.

Hanshi Ibarra has produced and starred in over 15 videos documenting the techniques of the Kai.  Shihan Rene' is the co-star in the latest 5 volumn series , available through the Kai.

Shihan Rene' Ibarra is recognized as a 9th Dan by the:  American Ju Jitsu Association; Masters/Grandmasters Association; International Combat Aiki-Jujutsu Federation and 8th Dan by the Tanaka-Ha Daito Ryu Aikibujitsu. He is also recognized by the Kempo International and the International Council of Grandmasters as a Grandmaster. He has starred in 6 Yamabushi Instructional Videos. He is also a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Fitness Kickboxing Instructor.

 This is a complete listing of all of Black Belts in the Yamabushi Jujutsu/Aikijutsu Ryu Rene' Ibarra, Menkyo-Kaiden** Israel Gelpi, Kaiden** Jose Gonzalez, Kaiden** Glenn Reyes, Menkyo** Jose Arroyo, Menkyo** Stephen Hernandez, Menkyo** Jose Hernandez, Menkyo** Charles Hollis, Menkyo** Gerald Castanza, Mokuroku** Eddie Cordoves, Mokuroku** Doug Taylor, Mokuroku** Steve Bertsch, Mokuroku** George Acevedo, Mokuroku** Kurt Sieber, Okuiri** Andrew Cappone, Okuiri** Ernesto Morales, Okuiri** Raul Marrero, Okuiri** Mike Mascia, Okuiri** Mike D'Aloia, Okuiri** Chris Halbal, Okuiri** Dennis Arce, Okuiri** Tyrone Johnson, Okuiri** Jose Flores, Okuiri** Nick Milo, Menkyo** Jesse Ramirez, Okuiri** Max Burgess, Okuiri** Beau Hadden, Okuiri** Eric Hehl, Okuiri** Jose Hernandez Sr., Okuiri** Steve Sanchez, Okuiri** Omar Melendez, Menkyo** Ralph Melendez, Menkyo** Matt Kohler, Okuiri** Frank Delattre, Okuiri** Mike Joutovsky, Okuiri** Nicole Labate, Okuiri** Liam Joyce, Okuiri ** James Terry, Okuiri**Fermin Marrero, Mokuroku** Norberto Negron, Menkyo**Bolivar Ramirez,Okuiri** Dexter James,Mokuroku** Tom Clair, Mokuroku**David Chamedes, Mokuroku


 $150 per Hour  plus transportation,room and board for 2.